Protecting futures

Kaamila used to risk everything leaving home for three months in search of food for her cattle. With Farm Africa’s help, the pasture is back, and her future is secure.

Building a prosperous rural Africa

Farm Africa reduces poverty by helping farmers in eastern Africa to grow more, sell more and sell for more.

With our help, rural families are growing their incomes while also protecting their local environment for generations to come. 

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Why we love goats

Why we love goats

A few reasons why Farm Africa invests in goats in eastern Africa.

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Fish farming in Kenya

Fish farming in Kenya

Boosting incomes and ensuring fish supplies for future generations.

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Disappearing #grazinglands are endangering #pastoralist communities. We're working to reverse the decline: #Ethiopia

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“We know the #forest is our life, what happens to it affects our lives." Zeritheun, 25 y/o #coffee farmer…

17 February

We do this! Financing 'first mile' enterprises is vital to build a thriving African #agricultural sector. Report:…

16 February

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