End hunger - grow farming

Farm Africa reduces poverty by unleashing African farmers' abilities to grow their incomes in an environmentally sustainable way.

With our help, rural families are building a more prosperous life that allows them to take charge of their futures.

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Urban farming

Urban farming

Kenyan comedian Gilbert is helping young people in Nairobi swap the office for the farm.

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Buzzing businesses

Buzzing businesses

UK food industry executives helped villages in Kenya and Tanzania start new business. They returned to see the progress made.

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Onesmus grew up on a farm in Kitui. Now he helps other farmers grow drought-tolerant crops: https://t.co/HymBHwWEW1 https://t.co/lXuYKeMjSn


We've been helping farmers like Sabina keep chickens so she'll have food & income if poor rains affect her crops. https://t.co/0zTIgMdB5b


Farming in dry land in Kitui, Kenya is hard. And faced with #climatechange, it's even more important farmers adapt. https://t.co/nd0D1nTRHs


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