End hunger - grow farming

Farm Africa helps African farmers grow themselves out of poverty and end hunger forever.

With our help, rural families are building a more prosperous life that allows them to take charge of their futures.

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Farming at school

Farming at school

Schools in Dagoretti, Nairobi, have started to grow vegetables so that children can eat a more nutritious lunch.

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Creating businesses

Creating businesses

Farm Africa means business. We help farmers set up their own enterprises, so that they can earn bigger, sustainable incomes.

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This year, we’ve moved closer to our vision of a prosperous rural Africa. Download our Impact Report to find out how https://t.co/qd5X37HjwU

4 hours ago

Raising household incomes isn’t just about cash – it can mean better nutrition, schooling and brighter futures. https://t.co/Yju5En6RxA

6 hours ago

We don’t just help farmers feed their families today. We help them earn more, so that they can save for tomorrow. https://t.co/9wMuenUBSP

7 hours ago

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