Driving prosperity through agriculture

Farm Africa reduces poverty in eastern Africa by helping farmers grow more, sell more and sell for more.

Building a prosperous rural Africa

Farm Africa reduces poverty by helping farmers in eastern Africa to grow more, sell more and sell for more.

With our help, rural families are growing their incomes while also protecting their local environment for generations to come. 

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Royal Parks Half

Royal Parks Half

Join #TeamFarmAfrica and run London's most beautiful half marathon on 13 October.

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Chefs for Change

Chefs for Change

Chefs for Change unites the world's best chefs and the world's most remote communities in transforming lives through sustainable farming.

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"Young people have a negative view on farming because it is tedious, and they cannot access capital." With support… https://t.co/DXjFdJyejz

2 hours ago

The ageing crisis threatening food - watch from time code 16.51 to see how Farm Africa's #GrowingFutures project is… https://t.co/4DYGuwX3pz


.@gorillacd’s very own “Mr Coffee”, Adelard Palata, talks with @DailyCoffeeNews about how we’re unlocking eastern D… https://t.co/YCAp5FEbGl

14 June

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